Use shared USB over network remotely with USB Redirector Client

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Flexible USB sharing over a network enables others on the same network to get remote access to a single external drive. This is done via software that helps emulate all the contents of the drive on the client side, creating the exact virtual copy of the shared hardware USB device. It appears as if the device was attached directly to other computers on the same network. This article will help you set up and share your USB storage device through USB Redirector Cient– a powerful solution for remoting USB Devices.

USB Redirector Client Free

USB Redirector is a useful software to use shared USB devices remotely through a LAN, WLAN or Internet, just as if they were attached to your computer directly. The light-weight version of the application – USB Redirector Client can be used to redirect devices between Windows-based computers. It’s completely free for use.

For using this application, install USB Redirector on the main computer. This computer will act as USB server.

Use shared USB over network remotely

Please note that when USB device is shared, it cannot be used locally, because it is acquired for individual usage by remote USB clients! To make the device available locally again, unshare it.

When done, install USB Redirector Client on a PC where you need to use USB devices remotely. This will be your USB client.

Now, establish a direct connection from USB client to USB server or callback connection from USB server to USB client.

USB Redirector Client

From the list of available USB devices appearing on the screen, select the required one and hit the ‘Connect’ button.

USB over network

Now on a remote PC, you can work with the USB device.

A unique feature about USB Redirector is that the application works as a background service, so you do not need to keep the app open all the time.

Once you have configured all the necessary options, you can safely close it. Moreover, you can add certain USB devices to the ‘Exclusion List’ as an extra measure of precaution, against virus infections.

You can download USB Redirector Client Free for Windows from its home page. It is free when connecting from a Windows computer.