Develop your cloud skills this November with no-cost training

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The cloud is constantly evolving, making upskilling and reskilling an important time investment. During November, we are featuring no-cost, on-demand and live training videos and courses for both technical and non-technical roles. Spanning introductory to more advanced levels, training options cover three of our most popular topics: generative AI, the basics of Google Cloud, and Google Cloud certification preparation.

Take a look at the suggested training below to move forward in your learning journey. You can even earn learning credentials to share on your developer profile, resumé and LinkedIn profile. Keep reading to get started.

Understanding Google Cloud foundational content for any role

Here are some options for learners who are either technical practitioners, or in tech-adjacent roles, like HR, sales, and marketing that work with Google Cloud products, or with teams who do.

These foundational-level courses help you learn about Google Cloud technology and how it can benefit your organization. Comprised of videos and quizzes, you should be able to finish them during part of a morning or afternoon when you have a bit of extra time. Complete all four courses below to help you prepare for the Cloud Digital Leader certification.


We have a mix of options to help you learn about generative AI as this area of technology becomes more available.

  • Introduction to Generative AI – No technical background required. This learning path explains generative AI, large learning models, responsible AI, and applying AI principles with Google Cloud.
  • Gen AI Bootcamp – This is a series of three sessions for developers who want to explore gen AI solutions. As the month goes on, the topics progress from introductory to advanced, and you can jump in at any time. The sessions are running as live events throughout November — register here to reserve your spot. They will also be available on-demand.
  • Generative AI with Google Cloud: Getting Started with Model Garden on Vertex AI– Learn how Vertex AI helps developers work with foundation models. The live event takes place on November 8th and provides an opportunity for Q&A with the experts. It’ll also be available on-demand.

Prepare for Google Cloud Certification with no-cost resources

Earning a Google Cloud certification demonstrates your cloud knowledge to employers and validates your understanding of Google Cloud products and solutions. The skill set for each role-based certification is assessed using thorough industry-standard methods, and your achievement is recognized by passing a certification exam. Google Cloud certifications are among the highest paying IT certifications, and 87% of users feel more confident in their cloud skills when they are #GoogleCloudCertified.

Google Cloud certifications are offered for three levels: foundational (no-hands on experience required), associate (6+ months recommended of building on Google Cloud), and professional (3+ years of industry experience and 1+ year using Google Cloud recommended). They span roles like cloud architect, cloud engineer, and data engineer. Explore the full portfolio to find out which certification is right for you.

You’ll start working towards certification by utilizing training resources to help you prepare for the certification exam, and getting hands-on experience where indicated. Some certifications also offer a no-cost course to help you in preparing you for the exam: learn about the domains covered in the exam, assess your exam readiness, and create a study plan. No-cost exam guides and sample questions are also available for all the certification exams. Here are the courses to learn more:

Another way to work towards certification is by checking out ‘Level up your cloud career with Google Cloud credentials and certifications’ on Innovators Live. We talked with Google Cloud Champion Innovators, who offer tips for the certification journey and share how they’ve approached their learning journey. Watch here.