OK guys I’m from Colorado so gotta ask???? how do any that do off grid setups are preventing against battery discharge and fire associated with it…

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OK yall so I gotta ask as wild fires are scary as shit and they claim alot of my state as well as others each year… that stated, any that do off grid setups have you thought of anti fire precautions?

Below I have outlined a simple 10 dollar (does 100s of hotspots for 15 bucks lol)

OK ingredients per hotspot: -Bromochlorodifluoromethane powder> about 5 to 8 grams per Hotspot needed (1kilo is like 5 bucks max on alibaba)

-1 water Ballon> or any Ballon with extremely thin rubber on the walls just need it to pop very very easy

  • one small firecracker firework> the kind you get in a pack of 40 and it says ‘caution: don’t unpack the thing light as one’ or what ever it says but we all do it anyways cuz we are not as smart of creatures as we think we are 😆

-firework wick> you will use like 2 or 3 foot give or take per hotspot (a 10m rolls like 3 or 4 bucks I think almost anywhere that sells it)

-1 tiny sized rubber hair band per hotspot> the Lil Lil tiny ones that are like the size of a pinky finger round (a packs 50 cents at family dollar or use o-rings if you are a tool guy and have lil tiny o-rings)

-You need a balloon for when you fill the "homemade fire snuffer bomb" (patent pending) jkjk 😆

-you need a few straw for filling as well (and a small cardboard that can crease but stay ridged will help but can be done with out)

-peel apart bread ties or a roll of sone other very thin wire

OK so see we got about 15$USD of materials here, what your gunna do is…

1) put on gloves and at least a dust particulate 3m mask and some rubber gloves!

PSA of the day! –>(your bodies worth it and that powder is not really supposed to be huffed no matter the intent to or accidental …..cancer don’t care. Cancer happens either way if your adult dont be lazy get in the car or on the bicycle or long board like us millennials do so frequently it seems…. just go buy a pair of 99cent kitchen dish gloves at family dollar, and if you a kid then steal moms from under the sink for 20 mins it wont destroy them just rinse and return)


2) you are going to take said Bromochlorodifluoromethane powder and put around 7-10 grams in a ballon (this is where the carboard folded in a square angle crease comesin handy but if you skiped it take the drinking straw and use it to scoop a few grams at a time into the balloon)


3) take the pack of fire crackers apart and strip them into single firecracker units.

4) take 3ish foot of wick off the roll and then attach it to the wick of one fire cracker (overlap the two wicks so that the overlap about a inch then use a piece of wire to wrap around it In a spirl fashion from the fire cracker to the 3ish foot piece secure it as best you can so it will make good contact if triggered to activate save the day for some random forrest or nieghborhood or where ever it be!)

Now set that aside and return to the powder filled balloon…

5) get a hair band ready and have the extra balloon *** make sure its a powder free clean balloon*** I mentioned that it was for the help in filling in the list at the start!

6) blow into the clean Balloon enough so it’s the size off a orange or a apple or baseball or what ever you want to picture it as that’s that size… (***Big Tip: I use tape, after I blow in it, so I can put on a table edge and duck tape the thing to the table so it stays filled but can be removed and let deflate when ready😉)

OK on to…

7) place firecracker in the powder balloon shove it in the middle so that it is completely surrounded by the powder, but leave the long wick hanging out the balloon!

8)**** put a clean straw**** in the powder balloon (you dont want it contaminated on both ends if you used for filling with it!) Then put the hairband looped multiple times on its self (objective is: to have the band wrapped enough so once on the balloon neck and you pull the straw out you have a tightly sealed water balloon this is so it holds a slight amount of air)

9) take the clean air filled balloon from [step 6)] and then put on the opposing end of the straw snug as you can without to much air loss… squeeze air into the the powder Balloon from the air Balloon (if it is hard to get that much in due to loss when putting it on straw then fill the air balloon more and go round 2)


10) when powder balloon is inflated slightly think like tennis ball ish sized and you feel it feel like a balloon when you squish lightly on it (not like a hackie sack more one of those bags of air that products get shipped with the ones that are a string of like seven bags of air…. I digress you get the picture) pull the straw when you are happy and you now have a homemade class D fire extinguisher….

Place that bad boy inside the housing of the miner and battery set up and drape the wick so it is laying all around the inside the enclosure you use.

Battery vents>wick gets lit by the battery igniting>firecracker goes #pop>powder from previously inflated balloon fills box> Battery fire fixed in a matter of 5 or less seconds from start of fire

That said if your yseing a big housing enclosure plan accordingly by your specs in size of enclosure… if it’s a big space maybe put 2 fire snuffer bombs in each be smart the nature your putting it in will prefer to not have a fire filled future in the event its a needed precaution!

There ya go!

thanks for the read If you made it to the end. That’s my solution lmk what yall did if you had a good solution as well! I’d love to hear it 😀

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