Cryptocurrency mogul wants to turn Nevada into the next center of Blockchain Technology

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He imagines a sort of experimental community spread over about a hundred square miles, where houses, schools, commercial districts and production studios will be built. The centerpiece of this giant project will be the blockchain, a new kind of database that was introduced by Bitcoin.

Jeffrey Berns, who owns the cryptocurrency company Blockchains L.L.C., has bought 68,000 acres of land in Nevada that he hopes to transform into a community based around blockchain technology. His utopian vision, which would be the first ‘smart city‘ based on the technology, involves the creation of a new town along the Truckee river, with homes, apartments, schools, and a drone delivery system. 

The first step will be constructing an 1,000 acre campus that will host startups and companies working on applications such as AI and 3D printing to help bring about the high-tech city. LA firms Tom Wiscombe Architecture and Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects have been hired to assist in this vision, designing the architecture and masterplan for the future city. 

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Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects + and Tom Wiscombe Architecture.

Called Innovation Park, the designers contend the city will be ‘human-centric,’ while also planned around autonomous, electric vehicles. Housing types will range fro… type…