ZeroStack Adds Container Support and Utility Billing to Cloud Platform

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ZeroStack, pioneering the cloud-managed datacenter delivering agility without complexity, today announced that it has added utility billing and container support to ZeroStack’s SaaS-managed Private Cloud Platform, making it the most AWS-like on-premises cloud solution on the market. With Amazon partnering with VMware and Oracle announcing that it is going after Amazon’s cloud business, the lines are blurring between public and on-premises cloud as never before. With this announcement, ZeroStack becomes the industry’s only on-premises cloud with feature parity with AWS. The ZeroStack solution can be deployed in twenty minutes and offers all of the features and ease of use of AWS.  

"Since 2008, a generation of developers has grown accustomed to using public cloud, and more specifically AWS, and they expect to see its feature set in all cloud solutions," said Jim Metzler, Principal Analyst at Ashton-Metzler Associates. "Today, ZeroStack is offering an on-premises cloud solution that delivers greater governance and control than public cloud, but with all of the features developers expect from public cloud."  

Building and managing the underlying storage, networking and monitoring infrastructure for containers requires a lot of very specific expertise. ZeroStack provides a fully managed deployment of containers and their orchestration, storage, and networking infrastructure.  

"In the last several years, developers opted in droves to build their applications in public clouds – especially AWS – because of their simplicity, convenience and agility compared with privately run development environments," said Paul Parker-Johnson, Principal Analyst, Cloud & Virtual System Infrastructures, ACG Research.  "As the world moves toward multi-cloud transparency for applications, developers are looking for the same simplicity in their private environments, with native capabilities to integrate apps with AWS and other public clouds as requirements evolve.  ZeroStack’s agile cloud development solution provides just that — an agile, on-premises development platform with multi-cloud workload mobility and ease of integration."  

ZeroStack has continually enhanced its private cloud offering by adding AWS workload migration, an App Store, AWS backups, and SaaS-based feature updates, so users get the same experience as when using AWS. Now, ZeroStack offers all AWS features in an on-premises solution that delivers greater security and control than public cloud, and with favorable economics. 

"Deploying and successfully managing a private cloud can be an immense headache for some organizations and a source of cost, complex upheaval and risk to the business," said Chris Drake, Principal Analyst, Data Center Technology at Current Analysis. "ZeroStack’s solution addresses some of the risk and complexity in deploying a private cloud, allowing organizations to combine their need for an on-premise infrastructure with a private cloud management platform that is hosted off-premise and delivered as a service."  

"Customers want to be able to use the right cloud for the right applications and workloads, but they don’t want to compromise usability, features or performance," said Steve Garrison, vice president of marketing at ZeroStack. "By implementing all of the key features of public cloud in an easy-to-consume package, we enable customers to optimize their cloud infrastructure without compromises."