Will you still be using a RISC PC in 2017?

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The RISC PC was released in the mid 1990s while the Iyonix came out in the early 2000s and was available until the end of that decade. So if you are using a RISC PC, it could well be 20 years old and even your Iyonix is likely to be at least 8 years old.

This equipment is now obsolete in computer terms if it works at all, (you have changed the batteries before they leaked…)

There are FOUR reasons why you might be using a RISC PC (Or Iyonix) in 2017.

This is (IMHO) a really good reason for using a RISC PC in 2017. There is nothing like the original kit to get the true feel for days gone by. And there is a lively discussion on the Stardot forums on keeping vintage computers like BBC and RISC PCs going. But this is not the same as having a modern, general system.

Many people get very attached to items. In this case the question is whether your real attachment is to the RISC PC (which has not developed) or running RISC OS on a powerful machine (which has).

Backwards support
It may be that you cannot live without a specific piece of software hardware which only runs on these old machines. In which case, we would love to hear what it is. Maybe there are alternatives or interest in providing a more modern alternative?

It has always worked and so no need to change.This is true, but computing moves on and you can now get faster machines with more modern versions of RISC OS and get more done on your favourite platform. Ironically, most modern televisions have HDMI inputs, so we can now go back to the 80s with our new Raspberry Pi plugged into the TV!

So what computer will you be using in 2017?

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