The drywall-installing robot you’ve always dreamed about is finally here

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The HRP-5P is a humanoid robot from Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology institute that can perform common construction tasks including — as we see above — install drywall.

HRP-5P — maybe we can call it Herb? — uses environmental measurement, object detection and motion planning to perform various tasks.

Ever had to install large sections of drywall and wondered if there wasn’t a machine available that could do that for you while you take care of a bowl of the nachos? Well, now there is: Japanese researchers have developed a humanoid worker robot, HRP-5P, which appears to be capable of performing the backbreaking task over and over again without breaking into sweat.

Sure, the robot still needs to pick up the pace a bit to meet construction deadlines, but it’s a start, and the machine could—maybe, one day—become a helpful tool in Japan’s rapidly aging society where skilled workers become increasingly rare.

Ooof, these are heavy!

Let’s see…this one goes here I guess.

Done and done! Now let’s see what my buddies from Skynet SkyNet are up to this afternoon.

All images via 産総研広報’s video on YouTube.