Technical Committee Highlights September 2, 2015

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New kids on the block

There have been some new project team requests since the last post. Here’s a list of new project teams that have requested to join the OpenStack Big Tent and a summary of the discussions:

The OpenStack Community App Catalog team has requested to join the Big Tent and they have been accepted
The RefStack project has requested to move from an Infra subproject into its own team and it has been accepted
OpenStack Debian packaging now has a team formed and have been welcomed into the Big Tent.
The Monasca project has requested to join the Big Tent but some community practice requirements – like meetings not happening on IRC – weren’t met. In addition, a new, separate, discussion about progamming languages support and common practices came of this discussion that gave life to this resolution, which are discussed later in this post.

Project Team Guide

Earlier in this cycle, a workgroup called “Project Team Guide” was created to write a guide for new, and existing, projects that would explain how OpenStack project teams work, OpenStack’s tenets, and several other aspects of the community. The Technical Committee and members of this group have the pleasure of announcing that the guide has been completed and published. The sources of this guide are in the project team guide repo and contributions are welcome. Please read it and enhance it as you see fit.

Set guidelines for project and service names

Naming is one of the most difficult undertakings a project can make. Okay, not really, but it sure is hard to name things. With that in mind, former Docs PTL Anne Gentle has written a set of guidelines to use when documenting and reviewing project and service names. The Technical Committee can use these guidelines when reviewing incoming project applications. Everyone writing documentation now has a reference to use when writing about these services for each audience. The main guideline is about capitalization: for services names, use initial capital letters for each word in the service name and avoid using already trademarked names in the service name. For project names, use lower case because that has been the historical guidance for the doc team, and we want to emphasize that project names will not be trademarked.