Technical Committee Highlights October 7, 2015

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It’s a busy week pre-summit and pre-release so let’s jump into it.

Technical Committee Elections this week

There are 19 candidates for 6 positions in this six-month cycle of TC elections. Active Technical Contributors (ATCs) should have an email in their inbox to use to vote in this election. Sign into and then go to Settings > Contact Information to find your Preferred Email, which is where the ballot was sent. Vote by 23:59 UTC October 9th 2015.

Cross-project sessions at the Summit

By Friday October 9, please add your suggestions for cross-project sessions to this site: by clicking Suggest session. On Monday October 12, the technical committee will review all the submissions and fit them into the cross-project time slots at the Summit. There are about 26 proposals now for about twenty 40-minute time slots on the schedule.

Applying for OpenStack governance

One team’s application prompted a discussion on whether or not a project should apply to the TC right away or if it should have some amount of history of operating as an OpenStack project first. The consensus on that application was that we should wait and let the project get going first. The team was Kosmos, a new project, formed initially from members of Designate (DNS as a Service) and Neutron Load Balancing as a Service teams, so they thought they’d go ahead and apply for governance to get started. We had enough discussion about the thinking around “people we know” versus “showing your work” that we decided to ask them to wait and show more evidence that their work is going forward. We recognize that teams do need to be governed to get access to some services like docs hosting and integrated testing.

The last week of September we discussed both CloudKitty and Juju Charms for Ubuntu’s applications. We decided to delay a decision on the Juju charms application until there is something substantial in the repositories since they can be set up without being “official” now. That also gives time for understanding any licensing complexity. CloudKitty, a billing solution for OpenStack, was accepted for governance.

Astara a.k.a Akanda

Another interesting application discussion came this week when a Neutron driver, Astara, from the company Akanda, asked for governance in the “big tent” rather than adding their driver as a repo to the neutron team. The TC worked with both the outgoing and incoming PTLs on this one as it was a new concept for everyone. We approved their application to governance and now are reviewing the second patch in the series, adding the Astara driver to the Neutron repository collection.

Removing projects from the big tent

When the PTL elections rolled around we discovered that MagnetoDB had no contributors for the last release and decided to retire the project. We had a discussion about formalizing the policy and ensuring the communications about the removal are clear. With the easier inclusion policies in place, it also makes sense that rotating out could happen smoothly as well.