RISCOSbits announces their RISC OS rewards scheme

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RISCOSbits have announced their new RISC OS rewards scheme. The idea is to reward loyal RISC OS users by offering them discounts on new RISC OS hardware.

To start with, they are offering anyone who can show they have purchased an Ovation Pro licence a 10% discount on any PiHard systems. We have previously reviewed the PiHard (which is now my main RISC OS machine at work and what I am typing this on).

This offer is also open to any existing RISCOSbits customers, who can also claim 10% on anew system.

To claim your discount, you should contact RISCOSbits directly.

There will be additional special offers. If you are on twitter, watch out for the hashtag #RISC_OS_Rewards

RISCOSbits website

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