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I have seen several posts asking about virtual lab costs, etc…

When I saw my daily Fuel email it reminded me of those posts.

If you are looking to become certified or just want to learn more about PAs, I would recommend joining your local Fuel User Group Chapter. go to and sign up, its free. Now that you have an account you can access resources and you will get a local rep to help you on your learning journey. One of the resources you gain is free access to a virtual lab.

Fuel User Group is great. Meet all kinds of IT professionals, vendors, and Palo Reps. Hold on to those reps because they have access to Palo people that you and I do not, plus they may also know other professionals with the knowledge you’re looking for. I am looking forward to getting back to our in person meetings. In the meetings they bring great PA information and yes, they do have a sponsor doing a short pitch but honestly they fit the vibe of the meeting. Time is not wasted and the swag is great!

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