OpenStack Turns 5 – It’s Time to Celebrate the Community!

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OpenStack celebrates its 5th birthday July 19, and we’re celebrating with the entire OpenStack community during July! Cloud interoperability and support for developer productivity have been focuses for the OpenStack project this year, and none of it would be possible without the quickly growing OpenStack community.

There are now more than 80 global user groups and 27,300 community members, across 165 countries, spanning more than 500 organizations. Over 30 million lines of code have been written in less than five years thanks to our thriving community of developers and users around the world. This calls for a big toast to the OpenStack community members and our users.




We’ve invited all our user groups to celebrate with us. During the month of July, more than 35 OpenStack birthday parties will be thrown all over the world – celebrating the OpenStack community!  We encourage everyone to find a birthday party in your area and join your fellow community members to toast each other on another great year! If you don’t see a celebration in your area, not to worry – several more parties are to be announced soon. Don’t forget to share your pictures and memories using #OpenStack5Bday.

If you’re attending OSCON, the Foundation invites you to come celebrate the OpenStack Community on Tuesday, July 22nd at the LeftBank Annex to mingle with other community members and Foundation staff. Stay tuned – more details coming soon!

Find a local celebration in your area:

Argentina July 15

Atlanta July 18

Austin July 28

Baden-Württemberg July 15

Brazil July 25

Bucharest, Romania June 30

China – ShenZhen July 11

Colorado (Denver Metro/South) July 16

Fort Collins, Colorado July 16

Greece July 1

Hong Kong July 14

Hungary July 16

Italy July 14

Japan July 13

Kenya, Africa July 11

London July 21

Moscow, Russia, July 22 

Mumbai, India July 25

New Delhi, India July 11

North Carolina July 23

North Virginia July 7

Paris, France June 30

Philippines June 29

San Francisco Bay Area July 9

Seattle, July 16 

Sevilla, Spain July 1

Slovenia June 23

Stockholm/Nordic July 21

Switzerland July 17

Thailand July 17 & July 18

Tunisia July 22

Turkey July 22

Vancouver, Canada July 16

Vietnam July 4

Virginia July 9

Washington DC Metro Area July 20