OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest September 17-23

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  • A MQTT based unified message bus for infra services.
  • This allows a single place to go for consuming messages of events from infra services.
  • Two interfaces for subscribing to topics:
    • MQTT protocol on the default port
    • Websockets over port 80
  • Launchpad and gerrit events are the only things currently sending message to firehose, but the plan is to expand this.
  • An example [1] of gerritbot on the consuming side, which has support for subscribing to gerrit event stream over MQTT.
  • A spec giving details on firehose [2].
  • Docs on firehose [3].
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Release countdown for week R-1, 26-30

  • Focus: All teams should be working on release-critical bugs befor ethe final release.
  • General
    • 29th September is the deadline for the new release candidates or release from intermediary projects.
    • Quiet period to follow before the last release candidates on 6th October.
  • Release actions:
    • Projects not following the milestone-based release model who want a stable/newton branch created should talk to the release team.
    • Watch for translation patches and merge them quickly to ensure we have as many user-facing strings translated as possible in the release candidates.
      • If your project has already been branched, make sure those patches are applied to the stable branch.
    • Liaisons for projects with independent deliverables should import the release history by preparing patches to openstack/release.
  • Important Dates:
    • Newton last RC, 29 September
    • Newton final release, 6 October
    • Newton release schedule [4]
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Removal of Security and OpenStackSalt Project Teams From the Big Tent

  • The Security and OpenStackSalt projects are without PTLs. Projects leaderless default to the Technical Committee for decision of what to do with the project [5]. Majority of the Technical Committee has agreed to have these projects removed.
  • OpenStackSalt is a relatively new addition to the Big Tent, so if they got their act together, they could be reproposed.
  • We still need to care about security., and we still need a home for the vulnerability management team (VMT). The suggested way forward is to have the VMT apply to be its own official project team, and have security be a working group.
  • The Mitaka PTL for the Security mentions missing the election date, but provides some things the team has been working on:
    • Issuing Security Notes for Glance, Nova, Horizon, Bandit, Neutron and Barbican.
    • Updating the security guide (the book we wrote on securing OpenStack)
    • Hosting a midcycle and inducting new members
    • Supporting the VMT with several embargoed and complex vulnerabilities
    • Building up a security blog
    • Making OpenStack the biggest open source project to ever receive the Core
    • Infrastructure Initative Best Practices Badge
    • Working on the OpenStack Security Whitepaper
    • Developing CI security tooling such as Bandit
  • One of the Technical Committee members privately received information that explains why the security PTL was not on top of things. With ~60 teams around there will always be one of two that miss, but here we’re not sure it passes the bar of “non-alignment with the community” that would make the security team unfit to be an official OpenStack Team.
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