OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest November 14-20

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Time to Make Some Assertions About Your Projects

  • The technical committee defined a number of “assert” tags which allows a project team to to make assertions about their own deliverables:
    • assert:follows-standard-deprecation
    • assert:supports-upgrade
    • assert:supports-rolling-upgrade
  • Read more on their definitions [1]
  • Update the project.yaml [2] of which tags apply to your project already.
  • The OpenStack foundation will use “assert”tags very soon in the project navigator [3].

Making Stable Maintenance Its Own OpenStack Project Team

  • Continuing discussion from last week [4]…
  • Negatives:
    • Not enough work to warrant a designated “team”.
    • The change is unlikely to bring a meaning full improvement to the situation, sudden new resources.
  • Positives:
    • * An empowered team could tackle new coordination tasks, like engaging more directly in converging stable branch rules across teams, or producing tools.
    • Release management doesn’t overlap anymore with stable branch, so having them under that PTL is limiting and inefficient
    • Reinforcing the branding (by giving it its own team) may encourage more organizations to affect new resources to it
  • Matt Riedemann offers to lead the team.

Release Countdown For Week R-19, November 23-27

  • Mitaka-1 milestone scheduled for December 1-3.
  • Teams should be…
    • Wrapping up incomplete work left over from the end of the Liberty cycle .
    • Finalizing and announcing plans from the summit.
    • Completing specs and blueprints.
  • The openstack/release repository will be used to manage Mitaka 1 milestone tags.
  • Reno [5] will be used instead of Launchpad for tracking completed work. Make sure any release notes done for this cycle are committed to your master branchless before proposing the milestone tag.

New API Guidelines Read for Cross Project Review

  • The following will be merged soon:
    • Adding introduction to API micro version guideline [6].
    • Add description of pagination parameters [7].
    • A guideline for errors [8].
  • These will be brought up in the next cross project meeting [9].