OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest July 2-22

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SuccessBot Says

  • Notmyname: the 1.5 year long effort to get at-rest encryption in openstack swift has been finished. at-rest crypto has landed in master
  • stevemar: API reference documentation now shows keystone’s in-tree APIs!
  • Samueldemq: Keystone now supports Python 3.5
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Troubleshooting and

  • Keystone team wants to do troubleshooting documents.
  • might be the right forum for this, but help is needed:
    • Keystone core should be able to moderate.
    • A top level interface than just tags. The page should have a series of questions and links to the discussions for that question.
  • There could also be a keystone-docs repo that would have:
    • FAQ troubleshooting
    • Install guides
    • Unofficial blog posts
    • How-to guides
  • We don’t want a static troubleshooting guide. We want people to be able to ask questions and link them to answers.
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Leadership Training Recap and Steps Forward

  • Colette Alexander has successfully organized leadership training in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • 17 people from the community attended. 8 of them from the TC.
  • Subjects:
    • servant leadership
    • Visioning
    • Stages of learning
    • Good practices for leading organizational change.
  • Reviews and reflections from the training have been overwhelmingly positive and some blogs started to pop up [1].
  • A smaller group of the 17 people after training met to discuss how some ideas presented might help the OpenStack community.
    • To more clearly define and accomplish that work, a stewardship working group has been proposed [2].
  • Because of the success, and 5 TC members weren’t able to attend, Colette is working to arrange a repeating offer.
  • Thanks to all who attended and the OpenStack Foundation who sponsored the training for everyone.
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Release Countdown For Week R-12, July 11-15

  • Focus:
    • Major feature work should be well under way as we approach the second milestone.
  • General notes:
    • We freeze release libraries between the third milestone and final release.
      • Only emergency bug fix updates are allowed during that period.
      • Prioritize any feature work that includes work in libraries.
  • Release actions:
    • Official projects following any of the cycle-based release models should propose beta 2 tags for their deliverables by July 14.
    • Review stable/liberty stable/mitaka branches for needed releases.
  • Important dates:
    • Newton 2 milestone: July 14
    • Library release freeze date starting R-6, Aug 25
    • Newton 3 milestone: September 1
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The Future of OpenStack Documentation

  • Current central documentation
    • Consistent structure
    • For operators and users
    • Some less technical audience use this to evaluate with various other cloud infrastructure offerings.
  • Project documentation trends today:
    • Few are contributing to central documentation
    • More are becoming independent with their own repository documentation.
    • An alarming number just don’t do any.
  • A potential solution: Move operator and user documentation into individual project repositories:
    • Project developers can contribute code and documentation in the same patch.
    • Project developers can work directly or with a liaison documentation team members to improve documentation during development.
    • The documentation team primarily focuses on organization/presentation of documentation and assisting projects.
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