OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest August 26th – September 1st

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Succesbot Says!

  • ttx: Pike is released! [21]
  • ttx: Release automation made Pike release process the smoothest ever [22]


PTG Planning

  • Monasca (virtual)[1]
  • Vitrage(virtual)[2]
  • General Info & Price Hike[3]
    • Price Goes up to $150 USD
    • Happy Hour from 5-6pm on Tuesday
    • Event Feedback during Lunch on Thursday
  • Queens Goal Tempest Plugin Split [4]
  • Denver City Guide [5]
    • Please add to and peruse
  • ETSI NFV workshop[6][7]



  • TC Update [8]
  • Placement/Resource Providers Update 34 [9]



  • Pike is official! [10]
  • Outreachy Call for Mentors and Sponsors! [11]
    • More info here[12]
    • Next round runs December 5th to March 5th
  • Libraries published to pypi with YYYY.X.Z versions[13]
    • During Kilo when the neutron vendor decomposition happened, the release version was set to 2015.1.0 for basically all of the networking projects
    • Main issue is that networking-hyperv == 2015.1.0 is currently on Pypi and whenever someone upgrades through pip, it ‘upgrades’ to 2015.1.0 because its considered the latest version
    • Should that version be unpublished?
    • Three options[14]
      • Unpublish- simplest, but goes against policy of pypi never unpublishing
        • +1 from tonyb, made a rough list of others to unpublish that need to be confirmed with PTL’s before passing to infra to unpublish[15]
      • Rename- a bunch of work for downstreams, but cleaner than unpublishing
      • Reversion- Start new versions at 3000 or something, but very hacky and ugly
    • dhellman, ttx, and fungi think that deleting it from pypi is the simplest route though not the typically recommended way of handling things
  • Removing Screen from devstack-RSN[16]
    • Work to make devstack only have a single execution mode- same between automated QA & local- is almost done!
    • Want to merge before PTG
    • Test your devstack plugins against this patch before it gets merged
    • Patch [17]
  • Release Countdown for week R+1 and R+2[18]
    • Still have release trailing deliverables to take care of
    • Need to post their Pike final release before the cycle-trailing release deadline (September 14th)
    • Join #openstack-release if you have questions
    • ttx passes RelMgmgt mantle to smcginnis


Pike Retrospectives

  • Nova [19]
  • QA [20]