OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest April 2-8

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SuccessBot Says

  • Ttx: Design Summit placeholder sessions pushed to the Austin official schedule.
  • Pabelanger: Launched our first ubuntu-xenial job with node pool!
  • Mriedem: Flavors are now in the Nova API database.
  • sridhar_ram: First official release of Tacker 0.3.0 for Mitaka is released!
  • Dhellmann: we have declared Mitaka released, congratulations everyone!
  • Tristanc: 54 PTL and 7 TC members elected for Newton.
  • Ajaeger: is ready for Mitaka – including new manuals and links to release notes.
  • Tell us yours via IRC with a message “#success [insert success]”.
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Mitaka Release Is Out!

  • Great work everyone!
  • Read more about our 13th release! [1]
  • See release notes from projects for new features, bug fixes, upgrade notes. [2]

Recently Accepted API-WG Guidelines

  • Version discover guideline for API microversions [3]
  • Client interaction guideline for API microversions [4]
  • Versioning guideline for API microversions [5]
  • Unexpected attribute guideline [6]
  • Full thread

Results of the Technical Committee Election

  • Davanum Srinivas (dims)
  • Flavio Percoco (flaper87)
  • John Garbutt (johnthetubaguy)
  • Matthew Treinish (mtreinish)
  • Mike Perez (thingee)
  • Morgan Fainberg (morgan)/(notmorgan)
  • Thierry Carrez (ttx)
  • Full results [7]
  • Full thread

Cross-Project Session Schedule

  • Schedule posted [8].
  • If there’s a session you’re interested in, but can’t attend because of conflicting reasons, consider getting the conversation going early on the OpenStack Developer mailing list.
  • Full thread