OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (June 26 – July 3)

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Writing Your First OpenStack Application

Ever thought about what it takes to write a scalable cloud application using an OpenStack SDK? Thanks to a small team’s heroic effort, there’s now a guide for that!

Dive into Zuul – Gated commit system

Zuul is software developed by the OpenStack community. It was developed as an efficient gated commit system, allowing projects to merge patches only after they pass a series of tests. It reduces the probability of breaking the master branch, for instance when unit tests or functional tests no longer pass on the tip of master. Fabien Boucher explains how Zuul works and clarifies some concepts through simple examples.

5 years of OpenStack – it’s time to celebrate the community!

OpenStack celebrates its 5th birthday July 19, and we’re celebrating with the entire OpenStack community during July! Cloud interoperability and support for developer productivity have been focuses for the OpenStack project this year, and none of it would be possible without the quickly growing OpenStack community.

The Road to Tokyo

Reports from Previous Events

Relevant Conversations

Deadlines and Contributors Notifications

Security Advisories and Notices

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Tips ‘n Tricks

Open Call for Proposals

Recently Merged Specs

Subject Owner Project
Implement server instance tagging Sergey Nikitin openstack/nova-specs
New ZeroMQ driver implementation details Oleksii Zamiatin openstack/oslo-specs
Add user-identity-format-flexibility for oslo.log Doug Hellmann openstack/oslo-specs
Enable optional dependencies in OpenStack projects lifeless openstack/oslo-specs
Specification for Adding Kafka Driver Komei Shimamura openstack/oslo-specs
Add flavor tables to API database Vineet Menon openstack/nova-specs
Servicegroup foundational refactoring for Control Plane Vilobh Meshram openstack/nova-specs
Add working items to consistent-service-method-names Ken’ichi Ohmichi openstack/qa-specs
Cleanup the specs repo Matthew Treinish openstack/qa-specs
Add devstack external plugin spec Chmouel Boudjnah openstack/qa-specs
Graduate fileutils to oslo.utils and oslo.policy Steve Martinelli openstack/oslo-specs
Move email spec to backlog Flavio Percoco openstack/zaqar-specs
Add spec for email notification Fei Long Wang openstack/zaqar-specs
Enable listing of role assignments in a project hierarchy henry-nash openstack/keystone-specs
Configure most important hadoop configs automatically Vitaly Gridnev openstack/sahara-specs
Add scheduling edp jobs in sahara lu huichun openstack/sahara-specs
Persistent transport Victoria Martinez de la Cruz openstack/zaqar-specs
Change QoS API to be consistent Eran Gampel openstack/neutron-specs
Nova API Microversions support in NovaClient Andrey Kurilin openstack/nova-specs
Propose VMware limits, reservation and shares garyk openstack/nova-specs
Spec to Add ‘macvtap’ as vif type to novas libvirt driver. Andreas Scheuring openstack/nova-specs
Add spec for more-gettext-support Peng Wu openstack/oslo-specs
Moving not implemented specs to backlog Flavio Percoco openstack/zaqar-specs
Implement force_detach for safe cleanup Scott DAngelo openstack/cinder-specs
Update to CORS specification. Michael Krotscheck openstack/openstack-specs
Add requirements management specification. lifeless openstack/openstack-specs
Enabling Python 3 for Application Integration Tests Doug Hellmann openstack/openstack-specs
Cleanup and removal of StrictABC requirement Morgan Fainberg openstack/keystone-specs
Fix resource tracking for operations that move instances between hosts Nikola Dipanov openstack/nova-specs
“Get me a network” spec Sean M. Collins openstack/neutron-specs
Add spec for tempest plugin interface Matthew Treinish openstack/qa-specs
mandatory api limits gordon chung openstack/ceilometer-specs
Moved driver interface from backlog to liberty Ajaya Agrawal openstack/keystone-specs
Adopt Oslo Guru Meditation Reports zhangtralon openstack/ceilometer-specs
Spec for DBaaS(Trove) notification consumption Rohit Jaiswal openstack/ceilometer-specs
Declarative snmp metric pollster Lianhao Lu openstack/ceilometer-specs
Add is_domain to tokens for projects acting as a domain henry-nash openstack/keystone-specs
Clean up tenant resources when one is deleted Assaf Muller openstack/neutron-specs
Fixes for generic RAID interface Devananda van der Veen openstack/ironic-specs

Upcoming Events

Celebrating 5 Years of OpenStack at OSCON on Wednesday, July 22nd: RSVP

Other News

OpenStack Reactions

Spawning up a new compute node

Spawning up a new compute node

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