NEW: Custom Hands-On Labs for Azure and Google Cloud Platform

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Harvard Business Review recently estimated that some 90% of corporate training never gets applied on the job. Given the $200B training industry, that is a staggering amount of waste. One reason for the disconnect? Lack of context.

Cloud Academy’s platform was built to make it extraordinarily easy for organizations to add context to our out-of-the-box training library. Using Content Engine™, hundreds of enterprise organizations have extended Cloud Academy Learning Paths with Custom Resources, published assignable Training Plans, and built their own certification Exams to test staff on the subjects essential to their specific job role.

Just a few weeks ago, we announced Custom Hands-on Labs for Amazon Web Services, enabling managers and the cloud center of excellence to quickly build completely custom Labs that are highly specific to their teams, needs for the AWS platform, and technologies in use at their organization.

We thought the ability to create custom lab-based, interactive training experiences in a highly specific way would be popular. But, we had no idea the response would be so overwhelmingly positive.

So today, we are excited to announce new Custom Hands-on Labs support for both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

This means that the same process you have used to create and publish a customized Hands-on Lab for AWS can also be used for Azure and Google Cloud as well. The team has made it incredibly easy and a matter of minutes to publish a Custom Hands-on Lab.

How to Build Custom Hands-on Labs for Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Just navigate to Content Engine for Labs and select a platform. You can select a base environment and browse our library of pre-built Labs steps at your disposal.

Custom Azure and GCP Hands-on Labs


You can even insert your own steps to, for example, leverage an internal asset or offer additional guidance about how a service is used (or not used!) across your team or organization.

Custom Azure Lab Steps


Finally, publish the Lab by selecting who should see it and place it in a Library category so that end users can easily find it when they’re logged into Cloud Academy.

Custom Hands-on Labs for Azure and GCP
Custom Hands-on Labs for Azure and GCP

At Cloud Academy, we are focused on delivering innovative, enterprise-ready training technology that enables organizations to continuously improve the way they do business. We help our customers build practitioners, not paper tigers. Expect Cloud Academy to continue to be the first to market with Lab innovations and ways for you to easily contextualize training to your actual production environment.

If you aren’t already on this journey to deliver technology training in an effective way, we hope you join us. Schedule a demo with a member of our team today and see how you can transform your organization’s training strategy.

For those on the journey with us, thank you. If you have questions about building Custom Hands-on Labs for your teams, please speak with your Customer Success Manager.

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