Move over Alexa, Meet “Violet”: The World’s First Ever Virtual Cybersecurity Professional Built by Threatcare

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the leading provider of cloud-based attack simulation software, today
introduced “Violet,” the world’s first Artificial Intelligence-based
virtual cybersecurity professional that offers two-way communication for
security analysts. Available immediately, Violet is easily accessed
through voice, text messages, and Slack to give security teams fast and
reliable assistance with finding security gaps in their networks.

to a Siri or Alexa for cybersecurity, Violet has machine learning and
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) capabilities and can answer questions
and take commands from security analysts who are looking to find and
fix urgent threats in their networks. Violet is the world’s first
virtual cybersecurity professional that can actually replace multiple
team members, offering continuous reconnaissance to give an attacker’s
view of an organization. Violet combines traditional Red Team and Blue
Team activities, forming a “Purple Team” – which is where Violet’s name
is derived.

is truly a ground-breaking technology that solves one of the biggest
challenges in cybersecurity today: the lack of properly-skilled and
trained staff and the dire shortage of security professionals,” said
Marcus Carey, Founder and CEO of Threatcare. “Violet supports and
augments current security staff by actually becoming an extra member of
the team. This technology also enhances IT staff whose roles are
expanding into security. Looking ahead, Violet will be particularly
beneficial to SMBs who have lighter security staff and less budget to
spend on enterprise-class security tools.”

The key benefits of Violet include:

  • Attack Simulations: Violet
    can run attack simulations and bring up security events to see if
    existing security controls have caught or detected any threats. Violet
    doesn’t just enable benign intrusion simulations and security stack
    testing, it can actually partake in external attack surface assessments
    and discover rogue internet facing assets.
  • Penetration Testing & Gap Analysis: Violet
    helps organizations with their penetration testing and gap analysis –
    enabling them to no longer just guess that they’re protected.
  • Continuous Network Reconnaissance & Security Assessments: Violet
    performs continuous security assessments on the network and notifies
    security analysts via text message or email alerts when it’s done and if
    it has identified any security problems that need urgent addressing.
  • Numerous Security Features: Violet’s
    other capabilities include data exfiltration, malware beaconing, DNS
    tunneling, antivirus assessment, lateral scans, egress scans, executable
    transfers, perimeter scans, DNS enumeration (DNS brute forcing), open
    source intelligence (OSINT), regression testing, tabletop exercises, gap
    analysis, and all-encompassing defense in depth.
  • Shortened Proof of Concept and Sales Cycles: Vendors
    can use Violet to upsell their products, taking Proof of Concepts
    (POCs) from weeks to hours, while gaining the ability to prove their
    software actually works – in real time.

security operations teams are overwhelmed and have few, if any,
resources to test and confirm if the cybersecurity tools they’ve
invested in are actually working properly,” said Adrian Sanabria,
co-founder and Director of Research at Savage Security. “Even if Violet
makes only a modest impact in helping these operations teams, the
overall impact will be tremendous. If Violet has a larger impact, we
could finally see a decrease in the steady stream of breaches that have
plagued industries since the early 2000s.”

in 2014, Threatcare allows organizations to better defend against
cybersecurity threats by improving vulnerability management and defense
capabilities. Violet allows security teams, incident responders, and
network forensic practitioners to reduce their attack surface by
continuously monitoring their cybersecurity posture and ensuring they’ve
selected the right tools to protect their networks. By simulating
attacks from a web browser, while simultaneously serving up results in
the same interface, Threatcare helps security teams verify that defense
in depth solutions from cybersecurity vendors are effective and if they
will integrate well with existing solutions.

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