Microsoft’s Cloud in Brexit Britain — New Azure and Office 365 DCs for UK

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Microsoft Azure in UK

Microsoft Azure in UK

James Bond’s favorite ride now runs on Microsoft’s Great British cloud

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 hosted in the UK for the first time. Redmond just opened up three new data centers in England and Wales, arranged in two Azure regions.

This brings the number of Regions to 28 globally. Among the launch customers are Aston Martin, a regional health authority, and the Ministry of Defence [sic].

This should give a boost to Microsoft’s data-sovereignty story. In today’s IT Newspro, we’re shaken, not stirred.

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What’s the craic? Aunty Beeb speaks peace unto nation: [You’re fired -Ed.]

Its first UK cloud computing data centresare located in London, Durham and Cardiff.Microsoft first revealed its plan to set up UK-based data centres last November.

The UK data centresmean Microsoft is able to offer [Azure] without sending data overseas.Microsoft is, however, [battling] the US government, which believes it has the right to force [it] to surrender dataheld overseas.

Amazon is set to open its own rival UK data centresbut is yet to confirm when.Its AWS cloud computing division remains more popular than Azure.

Tell me more. Frederic Lardinois renders Microsoft opens its UK data center region:

The new regionoffers support forAzure cloud services and Office 365, withDynamics CRM Online slated for the first half of 2017.Azure now offers28 regions and ithas plans [for] six more.

Data sovereignty is becoming an increasingly important issue.Microsoft stressed that these new regions are compliant with the ISO 27018 standard for cloud privacy [and] with the newPrivacy Shield framework, the replacement forSafe Harbor.

In fact, it’s two new regions. Or so says Liam Tung—Microsoft’s two new cloud regions tackle data privacy:

Microsoft has officially opened two new cloud regionsUK West and UK South.The new regionsof course also will be able to serve London’s massive financial services industry.

Microsoft today highlighted its recent victoryquashing a warrant for access to email storedin Ireland.[It also has] two new datacenters in Germany slated for launchoperated by ‘data trustee’T-Systems. Under this arrangementany government request for such data will need to go through T-Systems.

But how did we get here? Louis Columbus sailed the ocean blue picks Seven Ways Microsoft Redefined Azure For The Enterprise:

Microsoft Azure has achieved 100%revenue growth and now has the 2nd largest market share.AWS and Microsoft Azure have proven their abilityand are the two most-evaluated cloud platforms.Of the two, Microsoft Azure is gaining momentum in the enterprise.

Only Microsoft is coming at selling Cloud Servicesfrom the standpoint of how they can help do what senior managementwant most.Azure is winning [because of its] support for legacy Microsoft architectures that enterprises standardizedon years before.Azure is also acceleratingdue to the pervasive adoptionof Office365.

From a leading telecom providerlooking to scale throughout Asia to financial services firmslooking to address Brexit issuesnearly every enterpriseroadmap is based on global scalability and regional requirements.Microsoft has 108 data centers globally.


So what does it all mean? David “wyrdfish” Watson means Brexit:

The UK will not be under EU data protection law [but] most EU business will have a requirement for that.Data hosted in the UK will have to move [probably] to Ireland.On the other hand [UK] data-protection laws could be made more attractivemeaning microsoft could have just made a shrewd move.

But surely Brexit doesn’t automagically invalidate existing laws? ニヤは猫じゃない purrs, contentedly:

The [UK Data Protection Act] was enacted as a result of an EU directive.Surely we’re under EU DP law regardless?

So it’s all about the Brexit, baby? Officially, no. Peter Gothard sounds disappointed he can’t use that angle—Brexit vote had ‘no impact’:

Microsoft’s UK COO [said it] had “no impact on the decision” to open UK data centres.Nicola Hodson said that Microsoft is looking to “upgrade the digital fabric in the UK.”

“We have a set of principlesaround security, privacy, compliance, transparency and availability.We’ll just have to wait and see how [Brexit] unfolds,” she said..

OK, anything else we should know? Cliff Saran wraps it up:

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) [is] among the first organisations tohost its infrastructure in Microsoft’s UK cloud. [But] Microsoft will be running a private instance of Azure for the MoD.The MoD will be the anchor tenant.

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