Marvell announces 96-core ThunderX3 Arm server processor

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Marvell got into the Arm server business with the 2018 acquisition of Cavium, maker of the ThunderX Arm server processor. Now the company is introducing the first major revision to the product line since the acquisition, and it’s a doozy.

The ThunderX3 line tops out at a stunning 96 cores with four threads per core, for a total of 384 threads per processor. Intel and AMD have only two threads per core, and the top-end Intel Xeon maxes out at 56 cores while the AMD Epyc is at 64 cores.

Marvell also bests Ampere, the startup run by former Intel exec Renee James that’s also working on an Arm-based server chip. Ampere recently announced the Altra Q80-30 processor a few weeks back sporting 80 cores, but no hyperthreading. Ampere’s strategy is cores over threads.

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