List of remotely proctored IT vendor exams

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Hi folks. For one reason or another, it looks like we may get some stay at home time.

I was thinking this is a great time to be doing some study, and love them or hate them, maybe even an exam. So I was trying to find out which exam vendors offer remotely proctored exams, where the remote staff member watches you take your test in the (government-enforced) comfort of your home, via your webcam.

I found, or already know of:

  • Offensive Security (OSCP and similar pentesting exams) [1]
  • PECB (ISO 27k, ISO 9001, auditing/implementing exams and similar) [2]
  • Juniper (via PearsonVUE remote proctoring) [3]
  • [added] Cloud Native (Kubernetes)

Do you know of any other vendors that support this format? For which exams? Have I missed one you can link to?


mildly related: I saw Cisco Learning have said the deadline for Cisco certifications is going to be extended by six months to help people with a deadline that they cant address due to shutdowns. [4]






edited: to add kubernetes related as suggested below