Land Rover’s ‘Transparent Trailer’ makes your horse box invisible

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Land Rover doesn’t see why towing a caravan or horse box should get in the way of rear visibility. The luxury SUV-maker has created a concept system that shows drivers what’s behind them as if the rear-window is free from obstructions. The idea is pretty simple: a camera on the towed object beams images of what’s behind it to a display embedded in the vehicle’s rear-view mirror. Land Rover already came up with something similar that makes hoods "transparent," and this idea is an extension of that.

Another camera, and a pressure sensitive mat alerts drivers via SMS or an app, if the cargo (in this case, a horse) moves while in transit, and there are graphic overlays to help with tricky reverse parking. The focus of the "Transparent Trailer" is on Land Rover’s equestrian set (there are plans to make the mat spot hoof movements, for example), but the technology could easily be repurposed for any delicate load, or to be useful for those of us who can’t afford a pony. See it in action in the video below, where a typical Land Rover-owning couple (with two Range Rovers, a huge diamond ring, and a race horse of course) use it to complete a safe journey to the stables. Or swing by Burghley Horse Trials this week to see it for yourself, if you’re in the area.

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