Jaguar returns to racing with its first all-electric car

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Jaguar hasn’t been involved with motorsports since it offloaded its Formula 1 team to Red Bull, but it’s about to come back in a big, big way. The automaker has announced that it’s working on an all-electric car (its first) that will compete in Formula E’s third season, which kicks off in fall 2016. Jaguar is saying precious little about what that racer will be capable of, but the entry is possible because the beleaguered Trulli team is backing out of the league, leaving room for a new entrant.

This isn’t the sum total of the company’s EV efforts, either. Although it’s not mentioning any plans, Jaguar is swearing that electric cars will "absolutely play a role" in its lineup. The Formula E racer is really a precursor that will help Jag refine its technology under "extreme conditions" before it hits regular roads. If you end up driving an F-Type EV a few years from now, you’ll know something about its roots.

Via: The Verge

Source: Jaguar, FIA Formula E