InstaThis Prints Out Your Instagram Photos On Wood Or Acrylic

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Printing out your Instagram photos isn’t all that revolutionary.

We’ve seen countless companies do this: CanvasPop puts your Instagrams on Canvas, Printstagram turns them into calendars, minibooks, and stickers, while Kanvess will hook you up with 3×3-inch Instagram prints for 25 cents a pop.

But a new service called InstaThis is taking it to a whole new level, letting users print their Instagram photos onto either wood or acrylic. “There’s a bit more craftsmanship in what we do,” said founder Nate Larkin.

The service is priced quite competitively — a CanvasPop 12×12 print usually goes for $79.95, whereas InstaThis’s 12×12 offering on wood costs $60.

InstaThis encourages higher transaction volume by offering more of a discount if you order more pictures. For example, if you order three prints you see savings of 20 percent, for four prints you see savings of 25 percent, and on and on. However, you can’t get the same discount if you want multiple prints in different sizes.

Most other services, namely CanvasPop (which would be the greatest competitor at this point), don’t offer this kind of bulk discounting in their pricing. This gives InstaThis a competitive advantage considering that most people don’t want one random 10 x 10 Instagram print on their wall, but rather a grid or collection of prints.

Using the site is relatively painless — just choose your material, size, and how many prints you want, and then head into your Instagram collection to make your decision. The hardest part of the whole process is choosing which photos are worth a spot on your wall.

Is it the view from your airplane window as you land in Las Vegas or that picture of your cat wearing a human’s glasses? Perhaps it’s the Instagram of your Thai food from last night?

The decision is yours. So what’ll it be, wood or acrylic?