Four simple steps to Backup VMware VMs using Azure Backup Server

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Azure Backup Server is recognized in the industry for protection of Microsoft workloads and environments. It protects key Microsoft workloads such as SQL, SharePoint and Exchange as well as virtual machines running on Hyper-V. Today, we are announcing support for protection of VMware virtual machines with Azure Backup Server. This will allow enterprise customers to have a single backup solution across their heterogeneous IT environment.

If you are new to Azure Backup Server and want to enable Microsoft Azure Backup Server, you can download Microsoft Azure Backup Server and start protecting your infrastructure today. If you already have Azure Backup Server installed, please download and install Update 1 to get started with VMware backup.

Here are the four simple steps to configure VMware server and Azure Backup Server to protect VMware VMs.

1. Enable a secure SSL communication between Azure Backup Server and VMware server

2. Add a new user with certain minimum privileges

3. Add VMware Server to Azure Backup Server

4. Protect VMware VMs with Azure Backup Server

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