Bitdefender Home Scanner scans your Home Network for vulnerabilities

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The internet is now not just limited to mobile phones and computers. With all these smart devices showing up, your home network has grown drastically. We have mobiles, computers, smart TVs, surveillance devices, automation devices and a lot of other devices connected to the same network. But have you ever given a thought to vulnerabilities of each of them? Putting up security on work networks was always a required thing, but security on home networks is also becoming a priority these days. To help you out with this we have Bitdefender Home Scanner.

Bitdefender Home Scanner os a free & fast Wi-Fi scanner for your home network. It looks for vulnerable devices and passwords, and offers detailed security recommendations for your home network.

Bitdefender Home Scanner

Pretty much like its name, Bitdefender Home Scanner scans your home for all kinds of network vulnerabilities. Designed by network and security experts, this tool can take out some potentially harmful security flaws and weaknesses of your network. Moreover, it provides a detailed description and steps to fix a flaw and make your network secure and safe.

So, what does it do?

The first step is knowing your network, so the program will ask you whether the WiFi you are connected to is your home network? Using this tool on public networks is not recommended at all. Once you’ve setup your home network, the program starts scanning. And in the entire process, Bitdefender Home Scanner scans for all the connected devices. And then proceeds to scan them individually for vulnerabilities.

In the process, the tool will scan all the open ports and also look for poorly encrypted connections. All in all, Home Scanner scans for insecure connections, weak credentials and any hidden backdoors in your network.

Using this tool is pretty simple and straightforward. Just download, install and run it. You will need to create a Bitdefender account before using this tool, or you might Sign In if you already have one. Once registered, you can select your home Wi-Fi network and proceed to scan. Scanning might take a little time depending on the number of devices connected your network.

Bitdefender Home Scanner

Once the scan has been completed, a list of connected devices with their issues will be displayed. If all the devices are clean and safe, they will be marked with a green flag. And vulnerable devices will be marked with a red flag, and you can view issues in detail by click opening one single device.

Other simple details like MAC Address, IP Address, device manufacturer and device type can also be viewed from the same window.

Another great feature of this tool is that once you’ve configured up your home network, you will be notified whenever a new device connects. So that you can scan that device right away. Also, it is recommended to scan devices frequently as new vulnerabilities are discovered every day, and you need to be sure about them.

You can also change your home network to something else by going into the ‘My Account’ page. A list will be displayed from where you can choose your home network and make this tool scan that network.

Bitdefender Home Scanner is a great tool to have in addition to your antivirus/antimalware program. The tool makes sure you are always protected and none of your connected devices are vulnerable. It is a perfect tool if you use a lot of smart devices like TVs, surveillance systems, and automation devices. Click here to download Bitdefender Home Scanner.

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