Azure Data Factory’s Data Movement is now available in the UK

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Data Movement is a feature of Azure Data Factory that enables cloud-based data integration, which orchestrates and automates the movement and transformation of data. You can now create data integration solutions using Azure Data Factory that can ingest data from various data stores, transform/process data, and publish results to the data stores. 

Moreover, you can now utilize Azure Data Factory for both your cloud and hybrid data movement needs with the UK data store. For instance, when copying data from a cloud data source to an Azure store located in the UK, Data Movement service in UK South will perform the copy and ensure compliance with data residency.

Note: Azure Data Factory itself does not store any data, but instead lets you create data-driven flows to orchestrate movement of data between supported data stores and the processing of data using compute services in other regions or in an on-premises environment.

To learn more about using Azure Data Factory for data movement, view the Move data by using Copy Activity article. 

You can also go to learn more about Azure Data Factory or view more in depth Azure Data Factory information documentation.