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A minute to remember!

This year more than any, time to take a moment and remember all those who braved, fought and struggled to help us live the life we have today! Time passes but memories never fade… A minute to remember!

Store files ‘in’ the internet

pingfs – “True cloud storage” by Erik Ekman <[email protected]> pingfs is a filesystem where the data is stored only in the Internet itself, as ICMP Echo packets (pings) travelling from you to remote servers and back again.


“Rules are someone’s else’s opinion” – Dona Sarkar, Microsoft

New domain, New site

After the old-old site being left for many years, back in 2011 I updated and started using WordPress with a nice theme. Now however it’s time has come to an end, so it’s time for another refresh. This time however I’ve gone from my domain, which I’ve had for over 10 years to .org. It just makes more […]