Alerting and monitoring for Azure Backup

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We are excited to announce the preview release of alerting and monitoring for Azure backups, which is currently the top-voted idea on Azure backup UserVoice. In a continuation of the simplified experience using the new Recovery Services vault, customers can now monitor cloud backups for their on-premises servers and Azure IaaS virtual machines in a single dashboard. In addition, they can also configure email notifications for all backup alerts.

Enroll your subscription for the preview release:

 # Step 1: Login to your Azure account from Windows PowerShell. Learn more on how to install Azure PowerShell.
PS C:> Login-AzureRmAccount
#Step 2: Select the subscription which you want to register for preview
PS C:>  Get-AzureRmSubscription –SubscriptionName "Subscription Name" | Select-AzureRmSubscription
#Step 3: Register this subscription for alerting preview
PS C:>  Register-AzureRmProviderFeature -FeatureName MABAlertingFeature –ProviderNamespace Microsoft.RecoveryServices

Introducing Recovery Services Vault



Introducing Alerting & Monitoring


If you are an exiting Azure backup customer using recovery services vault, update to the latest azure backup agent to use this feature. If you have configured email notifications before enrolling, turn off email notifications, enroll the subscription, and then configure notifications.

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