List of free/cheap licenses/hardware for homelabbing?

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Searching for individual products may produce results in the sub, but it would be nice if we could collect our resources in one place and add them all into the wiki. For example, I had no idea about VMUG EVALExperience until a couple days ago. For a homelabber trying to learn new things, having a list of where to get (legal) licenses without spending thousands of dollars would be awesome.

I'll start out with what I know:

VMUG EVALExperience – $200 USD a year gets you a bunch of VMWare licenses for use at home

Microsoft Imagine – formerly Dreamspark. Free licenses for students. I'm personally not a student so I don't know whats all given here but my understanding is "lots"

Free Meraki hardware – For IT professionals. Attend a one hour webinar for three different products and get a free AP, security appliance and switch with a three year license.

And that's where I cap out for what I know. Anything else that can be accessed and used for us homelabbers?

After running XenApp for the free trial I would love to get my hands on a cheap version to keep on messing around if I could, but if not I may buy it when I have an extra $500 kicking about… Outside of the learning aspects this has the very killer plus of letting me run Windows programs on Linux which is unreal and valuable to me, once I can afford it.


There's lots of good stuff in here, thanks everyone. /u/MonsterMufffin – obviously this info can be added into the wiki in software, but would it make sense to have a separate page just for discounted software and gear for homelab use?